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Getting pregnant is a life-changing experience for any woman. If you are going through this phase and looking for an expert to take care of your health needs, then Dr Sabita’s MotherCare Clinic has got you covered. Our medical advice and treatments are not only limited to pregnancy, but we also offer solutions to other health issues related to women health care.

Feel Comfortable, Easy & Leave All your Worries on us!

Welcome to Dr Sabita Mother Care. Whether you are preparing for the arrival of a newborn or having any problem related to your reproductive health, I provide treatments and advice of all. Want to know what exactly we offer? Have a look below…

Professional Gynaecology

I have a vast experience in treating abnormal menstrual bleeding, colposcopy, menopause, gynaecological surgery, family planning and pelvic floor reconstruction.

Specialized Obstetrics

I am proud to say that I have been involved in many simple to complicated deliveries. If you are looking for a full range of obstetric care, we are your ultimate destination.

Dedicated and Reliable Support

We understand women physical problems are sensitive. With us, you will get dedicated and reliable care which can help you to heal physically and psychologically.
Are you looking for expert advice, treatment for your OB/GYN problem? Dr Sabitas Mother Care has all the treatment solutions. Book an appointment today!


Expert advice for every stage of your reproductive life

Life continually changes and so do your health needs. Whether you are embarking on your first pregnancy, trying for your fourth, going through the change of life or developing issues many years post menopause, I am able to offer you expert care and advice for every stage.

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Expert gynaecology for every women

Abnormal Uterine Bleeding

Is your period fairly regular? Or how long they last? Do you feel it is abnormal? If yes, then you must be suffering from Abnormal Uterine Bleeding. Hormones are the common reasons for abnormal uterine bleeding. Get in touch with us to the get the treatment before it gets worse!


Pap Smear & Colposcopy

Whether you are suffering from fever or chills, severe lower stomach pain or a bad-smelling vaginal odor, come to us for the treatment. We provide pap smear & colposcopy with mild pain, discharge or bleeding.


Contraception & Family Planning

Family planning and birth control both are sensitive topics. If you need any advice or treatment on it, we are just a call away. Contact now and let us help you with the right solution & treatment.


Pelvic Pain & Endometriosis

20% of women ages 18 to 50 suffers from chronic pelvic pain. It can be felt in the ovaries, vagina, vulva, bowel hips, and lower back. At Sabita Mother care, we offer treatment for both pelvic pain and endometriosis. Contact now!


Pelvic Organ Prolapse & Vaginal Reconstruction

Vaginal prolapse is when uterus, bladder and/or bowel slip out of its actual place and hang into the vagina. If you are looking for professional assistance on pelvic organ prolapse & vaginal reconstruction, we can help! From simple behavior change to medication, vaginal rings & surgery!


Urinary Incontinence

Also, known as the loss of bladder control, it is the most common yet embarrassing problem. If you are going through the difficult phase of leaking urine when you sneeze or a cough, let us help you with the right treatment and advice.


Ovarian Cysts

Ovaries are a crucial part of the female reproductive system. Dr. Sabita Mother care offers Ovarian Cysts treatment, tests, and intervention. We can help you detect, treat and prevent this ailment. Book an appointment today!


Menopause & the Change of Life

Menopause is the life-changing experience for women. It leads to a dramatic change in the hormonal levels of a woman. Your periods will stop and this leads to many changes in your health. If you are seeking advice and treatment on it, contact us now!



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